Candidate for the position of International Officer

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As International Students, we pay almost twice the amount as locals. It is imperative we put up a strong front during these times of crisis so as not to be taken advantage of by the management.



Professional at maintaining dialogue and keeping the channels of communication open.

Good at convincing even stubborn individuals to find common ground.


Issues to Tackle

Over the last two years at SOAS, I've come across the various difficulties of an international student; sustaining an income to pay rent, finding an affordable accommodation etc. Now on top of these with the Corona virus, the university may ask us to pay for the entire year while we may never have access to the university facilities. We did not pay over £18,000 for an online degree and we need a strong voice to represent us and hold the university accountable if they do not compensate adequately.

I believe something important to any student living outside London would be to know whether classes will be held in September so as to make necessary arrangements for accommodations. As international officer, I will be following up in order to get the information out as soon as possible.

I also believe addressing the community's needs and working with the management in order to increase the number of international student applications may help improve our financial situation. This will involve largely reducing the burden that international students are subject on all avenues of establishing a life in London.

In short, my duties will be both to the international student body to ensure the Union provides support for the difficulties our community comes across and to hold the University Management accountable to us, the benefactors of the institution by paying exorbitant amounts for the sake of a stellar education, to ensure we are not exploited.

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