Candidate for the position of Mature Students Officer



My name is Ishaaq and I am a first year Management student. I am standing as a Mature Student Officer because I want to help  my fellow Mature students get the most out of their university experience. I want to foster a strong community of Mature Students at SOAS and ensure that all of their problems and issues are not only listened to but addressed effectively. A couple of key issues I want to tackle is to first create a Mature Student study space/common room where mature students can hang out in or study in and secondly I want to run more socials and events that are geared towards mature students and is relevant to things we are interested and passionate about. So to sum up, vote for me and I will make sure that all your issues regarding university is addressed by the relevant management and I will strive to create a strong knit community of us here in Soas with fun and interesting events geared towards us as a community.

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