Candidate for the position of Mature Students Officer

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'Uncle' Akli Habiballah

Yo good people, it's your Uncle Akli running to be your Mature Students Officer.

I was asked to write a manifesto so here it is.

Basically my main goal is for Mature students to takeover SOAS; it's that simple. I came all the way from the motherland just to help orchestrate the coup. I mean, it's not easy adapting to uni life when one already have other commitments so that's the least we can do.

I want Mature Students to make full use of what SOAS has to offer, and feel as comfortable as possible while studying here.

I am also aware of (and affected by) the many intersections and overlaps that make it even more tricky for those Mature Students who are also disabled, with kids, queer/LGBT, Black and POC Mature students. I will make sure that these groups will not be left out and will coordinate with other officers to make sure these students are also listened to.

If I am elected, I will be organising coffee mornings (with the much-loved pastries) for Mature students to meet and greet and vent about everything and anything.I will also try to organise some events with other mature students from other unis of London if possible.

On a serious note, I will do my best to make SOAS, as much as I can, a comfortable space for Mature Students to study, live and flourish.

Regardless of the result of this election, I will be always here to listen to all of your concerns and do my best to help out and signpost.

This is also open to all other SOASians who would like to hear some Uncle Akli's wisdom.

Cheers people.

Uncle Akli

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