Candidate for the position of Womens Officer



Hi everyone!

I'm Lulu, a current first year student who is running for the position of Womxn's officer 2019/2020. 

Within my first few days at SOAS, I saw the drive and the no-nonsense attitude that SOASians have when it comes to acts of injustice, inequality and sexism. I was made aware of the previous fights that womxn SOASians have had to face when it comes to addressing issues of sexual harassment and maltreatment within academia. 

Being half Saudi and half Filipino, my background has exposed me to a range of situations which both negative and positive have been invaluable and rewarding in shaping what sexism means to me. It is from these situations that I realised the impending need for a change in mindset and approach. I would like to help and push forward this change, a change that is long overdue. I believe that I have the experience and the determination to address these injustices head on and I will do everything in my ability to ensure that SOAS is an institution that respects all. 

I am here because I want to see a change and create a safe space where the concerns and struggles of the SOAS Womxn community do not go unheard and unacknowledged. It is one thing to be given a voice but it is another to take action with that voice. With the rise of the #MeToo movement, there has never been a more relevant and urgent time for women’s rights to be made centre-stage and the focal point of our society. I refuse to accept that in this day and age, Womxn are able to gain access to education yet the institution still possesses prejudices that do not fully recognise and address the daily concerns, intimidations and struggles of the female and non-binary student community. This has to change. 

I plan on making changes by introducing more events, policies in the SU and societies which promote the integration and inclusion of Womxn and those within the non-binary community. 


- Womxn themed lecture series and guest speakers. 

- Late licenses for the Womxn and non-binary community. 

- Workshops and information sessions to raise awareness on Womxn community. 

- Field trips to lectures and events in the UK on Womxn. 



- "Womxn Who Lead" society

- Weekly support group sessions

- Educating current society presidents on inclusion and outreach of those in Womxn community. 



- More gender neutral bathrooms. 

- Employment and encouraged involvement of Womxn within SU. 

- elect Womxn reps within each year for each course to provide moral, emotional support and liaison to peers. 


Vote for me as your Womxn’s officer. 

Our time is now! 

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