Candidate for the position of Campaigns Officer



PDF version of my manifesto  /asset/Manifesto/764/Imogen-Kropf-for-Campaigns-Officer.pdf







Hey! I'm Imogen. I'm a second year Social Anthropology Undergrad and I'm running to be next years Campaigns Officer. I've been involved with Decolonising our Minds, Solidarity with Refugees and Displaced People society, Crisis SOAS and Guerrilla Choir.


  • Work with liberation officers and others to tackle the BME attainment gap.
  • Work with the Preventing PREVENT working group to continue the SU’s opposition to the racist and Islamophobic law.
  • Support Account for This in their campaign for survivors of gender based violence and sexual harassment in demanding change to the complaints structure and issuing an apology to survivors.
  • Demand that SOAS fulfill the promises made to the catering, cleaning and security staff after being brought in-house and continue to support the Justice for Workers campaign.
  • Stop the victimisation of students by SOAS management.
  • To support Decolonising our Minds in establishing a pan-afrikan summer school, and confronting the eurocentrism and whiteness of our curriculums and practices.
  • Promote the work of environmental campaigns at the university including the work of Decolonising Environmentalism.


  • Create a regular space for students to engage both with SOAS, local, national and international campaigns such as Global Women’s Strike and Save Latin Village. An opportunity for students to learn from each other, get involved in issues that they care about but might not know how, make the Union political again.
  • Support the continuation of the Sanctuary Scholarships and push for the university to commit to more places and funding maintenance loans.
  • Push for SOAS to make anti-racism and positionality workshops mandatory for all staff and students Work with campaigns such as Save SOAS Library, Where is the ‘A’ in SOAS, Fractionals for Fair Play and Crisis SOAS to provide information sessions for students on the effects of restructuring and the financial crisis at SOAS and how they can get involved in challenging this.
  • Work towards setting up a platform where campaigns are able to raise issues and demands of the institution.
  • To create a bi-termly meeting space for campaigns to meet and discuss their issues with the institution and outside of it so they can collaborate in confronting SOAS together.
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