Candidate for the position of Co-President Democracy & Education



Who Am I?

Hey I am Sophie, the working class students officer and I am running to be your next Co-President Democracy and Education. I came to SOAS in 2016, and as the first person in my family to go to college and to university - I decided to make the most of it by fighting for students who like me, face greater obstacles, from not only being a course representative, but also training the future generation of student reps and I have been fighting in my exec role to make the SOAS bursary system more effective and substantial to those that need it.


I believe in free education from the cradle to the grave and I know the struggles first hand widening participation students face - and despite all of the barriers that the class decided capitalist society have put in front of me, I promise I will fight in SOAS and out to make education accessible FOR EVERYONE!



I would like to reform the current democratic structures within the union to make the organisation even more representative of its diverse student body, ensuring everyone feels represented, protected and equal. I will do this by creating a wider student review on existing exec. structure, and driving further student consultation on the future of the trustee board and how representative it is of the student body.


Accessible Education

Widening Participation Firstly I will work with the school to build a cohesive recruitment strategy encouraging students from WP background to come to SOAS, not just in the post graduate programmes, but also to undergraduate level.

Secondly I will lobby to attain more bursaries and funding to help students that otherwise cannot find the support elsewhere.

Finally I pledge to build a support network with regular meetings for providing feedback.


IT A lot of rooms in the Senate House have barriers that make education inaccessible. Such as a lack of plug sockets meaning students can’t make notes on their laptop rendering the education inaccessible. This is particularly concerning for commuting students and students with access needs who may need the assistance of elect

Lecture Capture - I will lobby the university to forward the lecture capture programme to ensure that more rooms are included in the scheme supporting students who might not physically be able to attend, but wish to participate in the learning process. This will include proving its worth to reluctant professors.

Communication (moodle)

Time and time again SOAS has failed to deliver a cohesive communication strategy to students. I will lobby the university to improve their communication to students,

No more misleading deadlines

No more misleading module sign ups

No more lack of online resources for modules

No more misleading information on module sign ups


Political Education

Prevent The government is currently reviewing the racist and Islamophobic PREVENT strategy, which degrades our education system. We as a student  Union led the fight against PREVENT and now we need to more vocal than ever. If elected I will not only continue the local fight, but will join forces with activists across the country to lobby the British government to scrap Prevent #StudentsNotSuspect


Solidarity In times when not only the state education system, but our very university is under tension we need to work closer than ever with our lecturers and the staff unions that represent them. Our education system is being more and more marketised every year and our school is making further cuts to the very institutions who support the students, we need to unite and work together with our sister unions in SOAS #UnityIsStrength


Decolonizing the Curriculum I have sat on the board for decolonising the curriculum as I feel passionate and excited about this. I would love for SOAS to lead the campaign and stand as a shining example of appropriate modern day education. I want SOAS to be an institution that leads the way of progression in education, asserting authenticity



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