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Reviewing Confrontational Democratic Processes

Creating environments where more students feel comfortable to engage which will help the SU become even more representative of the views of the student body. Reaching out to students who are less involved in SU politics by reforming processes such as the UGM to be more collaborative and inviting, with more emphasis put on caucuses.

Democratic Governance Structure Changes

Sabs are currently proposing an alternative governing structure for the Union. Should the motion pass successfully, the next Sabs would be responsible for its implementation. I aim in principle to support this to improve accountability. I would ensure dissemination of concise and comprehensive literature so that students are aware of how this reform would affect them in order to make the transition as smooth and transparent as possible.

Consultation with Student Body on No-platforming Policy

No platforming is the practice of prohibiting guests with potentially offensive content from speaking on campus. Despite the Union having no official no-platform policy, there have been high profile criticisms of the “censoring” of guest speakers, like the comedian Konstantin Kisin, who publicised his offence at the threat of not being allowed to speak at all. I would like to collaborate with the co-pres for activities and events to hold consultation with the student body, to ascertain the broader student opinion regarding no-platforming. From here we can formulate clear guidelines and empower societies to make informed decisions.


Inclusivity Matters

Improve consistency across departments regarding inclusive teaching methods. Working together towards continuous development and sharing best practices for teaching staff to ensure there is provision for those with different learning types or difficulties. Collaboration with the Disabled Students and carers’ officer as well as the co-pres for Equality and Liberation will aid this. I also aim to increase student awareness of available support for those who have pre-existing or emerging needs, including anxieties and mental health conditions.

Keeping the A in SOAS

Addressing the stripping of modules focused on Africa from SOAS degree programmes. There has been a noticeable decline in the number of specialised courses on Africa that are available as modular and LEP courses. I fear the unique characteristic of SOAS, its very specialism, is being lost. I would to like to open discussion with department heads to discuss how we can preserve courses on Africa in addition to maintaining the presence of Africa in core modules, to reaffirm the A in SOAS.

Racial Attainment Gap

This year with Bridging the Gap, I have held panel discussions and focus groups to deal with this issue and recognise how it operates in education and law. I have also launched a mentoring scheme with legal professionals. Should I be elected I would like to expand this to include other departments and promote collaborations. This will entail funding data collection and analysis to gain insights into how the disparity operates among different BAME identities so our programme can be tailored. An important aspect of this would be to open discussion and consultation with other universities, such as Kingston, who have implemented successful strategies in this area.

Who am I?

I am a final year Law LLB Student here. SOAS has been very good to me. I have learnt and grown so much. For this reason I care about how the university develops and would love to play a boldly active part in ensuring our future is democratic and inclusive.

What have I done?

  • Bridging the Gap: A Student Collective, addressing the attainment gap in the Law department (2018-2019)

  • Vice president of SOAS ACS (2017-2018)

  • Intermediate Years LLB Class rep (2017-2018)

  • Head Girl at Sixth Form


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