Candidate for the position of Co-President Activities & Events



PDF link to my manifesto: /asset/Manifesto/748/manifesto-finale-version.pdf


Hi SOASians! I am Giulio and wish to become co-president of activities and events.

The very first day I came to SOAS, I realised it was the right place for me. This vibrant community of strong values of social justice, diversity, inclusion and creativity make it an extremely unique institution. As my studies come to an end, I realise I could contribute strongly to the upholding of the SOAS milieu, and share with the future newcomers the principles learned in the three years spent here!


What have I done?

Apart from being an active member of the smoking area community and (occasional) student, I have

-  been involved in the mythical SOAS Ceilidh Band and Guerilla Choir with whom I have travelled to Egypt, Paris, Istanbul and Lebanon, getting involved in cultural and music activities with children in refugee camps

-  been member of the pulsating West African Drumming society.

-  been a proud member of the SOAS bar staff who distracts you from studying every night!


What I Will do?

!Open Gates to Creative Networks!

-  Increased live acts and dj-sets in the JCR (both downstairs and upstairs) in order to provide variety in genres and music. My aim is to manifest the landing of London music scenes into the JCR.

-  Encourage SOAS artists (painters, performers, musicians, poets…) to engage with the student community by providing targeted events in the JCR

-    A return to the Jam nights, where musicians both from inside and outside SOAS can come and play!

-    Rap, Poetry, and spoken-word evenings. Both themed and loose... Freestyle nights. Rap battles.

-    Continue the legacy of the SOAS Drag shows and other performance events (miming, clowning, theatre plays…)

- Guarantee spaces for societies to organise political events and talks.


!Win 4 Us!

Apart from my (bate) love for arts, I believe that sports are another foundational stone for the upholding of SOAS. Therefore, I intend to continue working with the sport societies by

- committing to provide acknowledgment, support and resources for the sport societies in SOAS

- organising events to celebrate our societies, and in general to increase the bridge between the sport societies and the student community.

!Keep on Fighting!

Who else if not SOAS activists best maintain the values of our community? I believe that for the SU, it is important to stand in solidarity with the activists of SOAS, therefore I intend to work with activists by supporting student-led demonstrations and finding ways to incorporate creative and original ways to protest.



I believe that community-building in SOAS can become a powerful way to push in the world novel visions and ideas.

-    I will organise spaces and events of encounters for the whole student community, not only UG, but also PG and PhD

-    I will work with different liberation groups to support them in organising and managing their initiatives

- Hosting a range of events and nights that cater to the range of students at SOAS and not just parties


Due to SOAS restructuring, it is important to re-orient SOAS policies towards students and staff, matching resources with needs, rather than the current managerial unaccountable administration!


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