Candidate for the position of Academic Affairs Officer

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My name’s Rana Osman, and I am interested in running as an Academic Affairs Officer. I am a postgraduate student working on my second MA in Islamic Law. I have substantial relevant experience in academic affairs and advising both in university and professional settings. Personally, throughout my studies, I have always made myself become more familiar with all academic options and opportunities that my respective educational institutions had offered. I believe that all students should be made aware of all the opportunities that SOAS offers, especially, accessibility and how to take advantage of them. As an Academic Affairs Officer, amongst other tasks, I will organize events that work to raise awareness to both local and international students about the vast opportunities that SOAS has to offer, mainly, academic opportunities. This is particularly important for me, as academic advising and student academic affairs schemes do not seem to be up to par with the soaring tuition rates. Furthermore, I will work with the highest level of authority within my role as an Academic Affairs Office to relay any issues or deficiencies relating to the student academic life experience for reformation and efficiency.


Rana Osman


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