Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Taught Officer



Hello Post Grats!

My name is Farah Farooq Sheikh and I am running for the student union election for the post of PGT Rep.

As students we all have come to SOAS with different aspirations. As regards me, I am a self-motivated person who is passionate about learning new ideas on social change and making this world a better place (if not for us) for future generations. To play my role in bringing about this change, I have opted to undertake the pathway of knowledge and chosen to undertake MSc in Development Studies.

By temperament, I am sociable and adjust quickly to new environments. I have an intrinsic ability to engage with people from different backgrounds. My sensitivity to understand the needs of others has led me to helping people from time to time. Hence I see myself addressing your needs as a PGT rep in a meaningful manner.

As a PGT rep, I intend to activate and stimulate the PG student community of SOAS through social events and gatherings. I would work towards bringing the various student bodies and PGT community closer through liaison with the key stakeholders. I am positive that widening participation of PG in both academic and non-academic activities at SOAS will add to the over-all atmosphere of the school. I will be encouraging you to feel relaxed and energised and have the most rewarding time at SOAS.  

I uphold the values of egalitarianism and freedom of expression. I am honest, candid and can be relied upon for consultation and guidance.

I hope to contribute towards making you enjoy your time at SOAS.

Farah Farooq Sheikh

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