Candidate for the position of Academic Affairs Officer




As University Students, we pay a lot for education and therefore we need to make the most out of our time here. For this we need access to academic resources, equality to study and transparency with the academic staff; all of which I intend to work on improving 


Professional at maintaining dialogue and keeping the channels of communication open. 

Good at convincing even stubborn individuals to find common ground.


Having served the role of Head Boy in high school, I pioneered the introduction of academic conferences and competitions, the most notable of which would be the Kerala Model United Nations, now one of the state’s largest MUNs; at a time when such events were unheard of. 

My point being, I’m good at negotiating with stubborn and conservative managements for the benefit of the student body. 

I’ve also worked with the school in improving facilities for disabled students as my classmate was one of the first blind students to study at that school, with the improved conditions, he was able to use the available resources and become the National Rank Holder in CBSE Board Exams of India. 

This proves that far as academia is concerned, I believe that it should be inclusive and not just catering to the normative sections of society 


Some of the issues that have come to my attention are:

  • Language Entitlement Program 
  • Course Awareness 
  • Facilities awareness and access
  • Better relevance and role for student reps 


My goals are not limited to the above and I will be addressing more issues throughout the coming weeks and my term as an officer if elected.

Looking forward to working for all of YOU!

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