Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Taught Officer

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Krum Tashev

Hey, my name is Krum Tashev and I am running to be your Postgraduate Taught Rep.

I came to the UK five years ago to do my undergraduate degree in Politics and Religious Philosophy in Canterbury where I did two years as a Students Union President. Beforehand wile studying I was faculty and course rep and international students officer, as well as that I was a member of the Nationality Executives Council of the National Union of Students[kt1] . In my term as SU President I established the Postgraduate committee, won a £20 000 bid for renovation of the PG room, created a network between the aught and the research PG students and got 50 additional lockers for PG students on campus.


If Elected I will:


  • Establish links between reps from different departments to create stronger post graduate student voice in SOAS.
  • Collect student feedback on the Postgraduate room and lobby for improvement reflecting the student needs.
  • Work with the University and the Union to improve the induction prices in particular I want to work on PG students getting their timetables in time, and not in the first week of teaching.  
  • I want to work with the other officers (such as: LGBTQIA+, International, etc.) organising accessible campaigns and events, improving the student experience of the PG community.
  • As a voluntary education officer representing postgraduate taught students I will lobby on Local and National level for free education.




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