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Nicolás Navarro



Our future is being taken from us. Bosses are paying graduates lower wages on worse contracts. Big business is privatising our universities, and everything else they can get their hands on from healthcare to infrastructure. Landlords are making us pay more for worse housing.

It’s not just students at SOAS who are getting a bad deal, it’s students all over the country. And it’s not just students who are under attack, its working-class people everywhere.

Together students and workers have the power to bring down the government and fundamentally change society. Millions of students and workers demonstrating, striking, and organising together would be an unstoppable force. Bosses, landlords, politicians and university management wouldn’t stand a chance.

The state of the world today is the living proof of the inherent contradictions of capitalism. Political phenomena like Trump and Brexit show the true colours of a system that is collapsing due to its own actions and plans to take us down with it.

However, this is not a future that is set in stone, but rather an opportunity for everyone to stand together and fight against the system. Millions of people all over the world have fiercely demonstrated against the corruption of capitalism, in a show of true militancy and solidarity. This was just the beginning of a movement that has the potential to create a better world for everyone.

We can be a part of this here on campus, by supporting our staff in their struggles for decent pay, pensions, and working conditions. The NUS also needs to be a part of this on a national scale – it could even take a lead in organising students and workers to change society. But to do that it needs Marxist ideas and radical socialist policies. This is why you should vote for me for NUS delegate.

  • Scrap tuition fees!
  • Living grants for students!
  • Rent strikes for free accommodation!
  • Ban zero-hour contracts in higher education!
  • End all forms of oppression on campus!
  • End outsourcing once and for all!
  • Student-worker solidarity and linking up with trade unions!
  • Building a mass student movement!
  • International solidarity!


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