Candidate for the position of Womens Officer



Vote Jennifer for Women’s Officer!

Hi there! I’m Jennifer, a part-time, second year MA Gender and Law student.

As Women’s Officer, I’d like to create a supportive and empowering network among all self-identifying women at SOAS to fight inequality and create positive change.

I believe in:

* Intersectional feminism – recognising the impact that race, class, ability and sexuality has on our everyday experiences. Otherwise, what’s the point?

* Openly discussing points of tension in feminisms to work towards a representative, inclusive movement to effectively dismantle systematic oppression and patriarchy.  

What I will do:

* Run bi-monthly creative safe spaces of solidarity including creative writing nights/workshops, informal discussions and reading groups.
* Work with the new Equality and Liberation Officer and LGBTQ Officer to promote self-love and care workshops.
* Ensure free and accessible sexual health testing, contraceptives and pregnancy testing on campus.
* Host events that focus on issues impacting women on campus including the gender pay gap, sexual harassment reporting and procedures, and personal safety.
* Outreach to local women’s organisations to strengthen SOAS’s relationship with the community, aiming to take the university outside of the campus and provide support and resources for students.
* Hold regular office hours so you can drop by, have a chat, hug, cup of tea (and cake, obvs) about anything and everything in a confidential, judgement-free space.  
* Work with FemSoc, SOAS Detainee Support, Decolonising Our Minds in solidarity to cross-campaign for the issues that matter the most.

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” – Audre Lorde

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