Candidate for the position of Womens Officer



Hi, my name is Catherine Koroma Whitfield. Just for some background I am a mixed race woman from Sierra Leone and the UK, I have lived in both of these countries. I am in my 2nd year of my Undergrad in Politics and IR. I basically want to shake things up a bit and start getting the people up top to give us the support and acknowledgment we really need; I understand that this starts with supporting and empowering women.

If elected, I will work on feminist issues using an intersectional framework with the aim of ensuring:

- An inclusive program that concentrates on what it means to be a woman studying at SOAS.

- An active acknowledgment of the stresses and challenges that come with being a woman student at SOAS; as well as acknowledging what those different struggles may be between groups while working to alleviate as many of these as we can.

The 3 main policies I will work to implement are:

  1. Easy and obvious access to mental health guidance and support for ALL Women and non-binary students at SOAS by Women who look, sound like and can relate to them.

  2. A move to spreading awareness amongst male students by communicating to them how they can be an effective ally.

  3. An open safe space for minority women, whether it be by race, class, disability, sexuality or religion to explain what they need to see to feel safe in their university space.

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