Candidate for the position of People of Colour Officer



I want to get you employed. BME students are known to outperform their white counterparts at school and college however with the BME attainment gap and the BME youth unemployment rate it is clear that there are structural barriers that prevent BME students from reaching their full potential. Youth unemployment for BME students is twice that of their white counterparts and as BME officer I want to tackle the issues that lead to this reality.

I have had experience in the workforce working as a paralegal for a year and working in recruitment. I want to use this experience to support BME students in our university and help them feel prepared for the world of work. I want to create a support network within soas that sustains students even after we leave. I want to focus on mental health and create safe spaces for students to vent about their soas experience as well struggles in everyday life. I want to have care packages for BME students during exam season. I want to create one to one sessions to help with planning and setting goals so that BME have the extra support needed.

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