Candidate for the position of Mature Students Officer



Previous Experience:

-1st Year Linguistics Rep

I secured partial funding for a group of SOAS Linguistics Students to attend a conference at Edinburgh University this year. Working towards a greater collaboration between ELAR and the Linguistics student body.

- Mature Student

Why me?

I’m a Portuguese citizen resident in the UK, I’m a trained chef/pastry chef and I’m a mature student. I had to make difficult decisions and prioritise other areas of my life, however I never gave up on my goal of attending university. I feel that there are many others like me at SOAS, and I believe that Mature Students have a lot to offer university life and I want to enable others to have their voices heard.


Mature Students make up a significant part of the SOAS student body.

-I will ensure that Mature Students are aware of the support available at SOAS.

-I will ensure that events aimed at Mature Students have great exposure – e.g. there is a free Mature Student spring school, but barely any publicity about it.

-I will ensure feedback on any issues that arise in any faculty or SU that involves the interests of Mature Students.

-I will routinely communicate with students to ensure I understand what issues are arising, on a collective and individual level.

-I aim to create learning opportunities for Mature Students to address academic confidence and platforms for Mature Students to voice their experiences in the interest of enriching other students at SOAS too.

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