Candidate for the position of Mature Students Officer



Hello Soasian,

I am Kabeer Majeed, I am studying pre-master course on ELAS at IFCELS and I represent my class as well. I hope to create better representation as a SOAS Mature Students Officer too. This year I going to start MA in International studies and Diplomacy at CISD. My first degree is BA in Language and literature from Kabul-University in Afghanistan. My Second degree is Master of Social Science in International Relations from Preston University in Islamabad-Pakistan. I worked in civil service sector for 10 years both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I am determined to contribute my time and energy to create positive changes that students want to see. I want the mature students of SOAS to feel I am a person who they trust and will put my efforts into making university life for our experience I can. I believe that I can convey the interest of mature students to the SOAS SU and administration. I will ensure to use my position to represent the student body accurately and honestly. I will arrange and organise appropriate events and campaign to help and support mature students.

Moreover, I am planning to create a mature student society to be able to have more members and to meet new people and engage with them on a day-to-day basis. I know the combined of my studies with part-time work throughout my course. I will hold weekly gathering sessions to provide an open and safe space for students to social activities to share their experiences and discuss any problems they may have. I’m energetic, vibrant and strive to enjoy life in active. I will maintain distance between various mature students.

In short, I will never disappointed you, when I take the responsibility. I want all students here to feel the same. I am not promising the impossible, I have checked that with my friends and classmates that my promises are viable.

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