Candidate for the position of Womens Officer

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Vote Cindy Tan as Women’s officer!

Serving SOAS’ women with Dedication Determination & Dignity GOALS& FOCUS POINTS + Representing women’s voices adequately as a fair mediator + Striving for gender equality within SOAS&beyond + Community strengthening through regular socials &creation of safe spaces + Events: Women’s marches, empowerment workshops &self-defense classes + Increasing awareness around self-care, mental&sexual health&mindfulness + Close cooperation with SOAS FemSoc, EnoughIsEnough campaign, etc. + Ending stigmatisation around sexism&sexual assault + Intersectional and inclusive feminism - Supporting Women of Colour

BACKGROUND: +2nd year Politics & International Relations student +Multicultural - Asian heritage and European upbringing +Last year’s Politics combined courses student representative - experience with executive meetings +Representative & organiser of several student bodies at former institutions

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