Candidate for the position of Womens Officer



Josefine for Women’s Officer

About Me
I’m an activist and a 2nd Year Politics and International Relations student. At
SOAS, I’ve been involved in the SOAS Feminist Society Committee, SOAS
Detainee Support and student representation. Outside, I organise around
migration, North-South solidarity, political economy and how to practise
intersectional feminism.

Feminist Open Forum
Let’s get together, share our experiences and reclaim feminist space at SOAS
and beyond. The monthly feminist Open Forum will be a safe space for women
and non-binary siblings to support each other and organise feminist resistance.
End Detention

Feminism has to be anti-racist. Let’s work together with SDS and SOAS’
refugee support groups to end detention and fight the Prevent Agenda.

Collective Self-Care
We need to take care of each other. With crafternoons and feminist breakfasts
we can gather strength or be vulnerable together. I will keep fighting to end rape
culture on campus, aim to support the Enough is Enough campaign and stand
with you.

Building Coalitions
Let’s build coalitions with the amazing queer and feminist groups in London
and beyond.

Thought, Questions, Ideas? Get in touch! 636140.

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