Candidate for the position of Anti-Racism Officer



Hi I’m Krish and I Don’t Like Racism 

Here’s my Krishnifesto points in no particular order: 

Do not allow the normalization of whiteness. Nostalgia for the glory days of empire is rampant and modern British identity has formed in relation to how they saw the colonized and defined what we were and weren’t. So bringing this stuff into say a philosophy classroom is useful: All these dead folks suggested that how the world is today occurred naturally and followed from a desire to protect property or from blah blah blah. Talking about socialisation and the random lies imprinted into our bodies from day 1 is necessary for a critical understanding of all claims of normality and universalism. I’m gonna push for that.

Stand up comedy and spoken word for POC who just wanna vent. A lot of us are hurting, exhausted, but we’re funny and talented and I wanna develop that stuff. I love venting with POC

Office hours for people to file complaints or chat or whatever. “Even at SOAS (lol)” racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and ableist things happens. I wanna stress that I’m trying in whatever capacity I can to be there for all People of Colour.

Surveilling students, turning universities into borders, and defining radicalism to suit agendas is some sh*t we shouldn’t be doing. I’m gonna push against that. Never let SOAS cooperate with Prevent. 

PS - I’m a second year International Student studying World Philosophies and IR. I’m running for this position because if no one runs RON wins. RON! RON! (I’m scaring you like they do with ethnic names.) Little experience organising, lot of moxie.

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