Candidate for the position of Co-President Democracy & Education



Ahlan wa-sahlan!

I am a fourth year Arabic and Study of Religions student

I am currently building grass-roots networks between religious communities in the UK and Iraq to support rebuilding post-Da’esh, after independent research there last summer.


1. Provide mental health education and workshops, especially to deal with the intersection of mental health and gender, sexuality, religion and colour.

2. Working with the Equality and Liberation Co-President to close the attainment gap between white and BAME students.

3. Push for alternative forms of assessment, so students whose strengths lie outside of essay-writing can excel.

4. Fighting cuts to the courses that make SOAS unique.

5. Push for change to the national curriculum, particularly on history and religion, so that it reflects the colonial history of this country.


1. Democratising access to student services -particularly making sure that the counsellours available reflect the diversity of the student body.

2. Democratising the year abroad, by making sure that year abroad students have the same representation they do in any other year. This also involves making sure they have access to the same services, as far as possible.

3. Making sure that the restructuring of SOAS is democratic and holding management to account.

4. Greater engagement with student and rep elections, especially post-graduates and year abroad students.

School of Revolutionary Studies (SRS)

I want to start a society (SRS) to reflect the desire that many SOASians have to change the world. The aim is to help students balance study and provide them with practical tools, to complement their academic ones. This would involve workshops on areas like securing funding and avoiding white saviourism, as well as involving alumni already working in related fields.

Nobody left out, nobody left behind

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