Candidate for the position of Co-President Democracy & Education

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Rachel Tam Hau-Yu

Hi, my name is TAM Hau-Yu (Rachel) and I am running for Co-President of Democracy and Education.


Why Democracy and Education and Why me

 “Education, Education, Education.”

 “From experience, let me tell you: we need more democracy in the world, not less of it.”

“Study and work hard for twenty years, so you can put your feet up – or slave all your life.”


My journey so far: in chronological order, the issues that galvanised me and allowed me to make sense of the world: Writing/Documentary, Education, Acting/Theatre, Politics, Community work, Law…

Growing up as a model minority student in the UK, I became interested in disobedience and difference later in life. My aims are to bridge my instincts for independence and accountability, and my desire to achieve, share knowledge and improve participation.


Experience and Story

I am an MA Human Rights Law student, and a community worker and researcher with BAME (East Asian and Black British) communities in London. At SOAS I have been your Postgraduate Taught Officer this past year, where I’ve helped to coordinate student reps from all faculties into one ongoing conversation (where previously, this had not existed), issued newsletters,

I am also President of London East and Southeast Asian Memory, a new society at SOAS.

Prior to my MA, I read English Literature at St Andrews, where I was involved with the Africa Summit and co-founded the Palestine Humanitarian Awareness Project.




·         Translate: I see many missing links between how information is related between different communities/streams at SOAS, and I’m sure there are many more I don’t see right now. Recent events have uncovered the extent to which  how communications issuing from SU can sound circular. As PGT Officer, I have advocated for more PGT representation on Exec. I have also working-class students; differently abled students I would work:

1.       To be in constant communication with student representatives and the general student body. If elected, I’ll also continue to take an active role in SOAS’ societies scene and education, by continuing my learning despite the cessation of my MA.

2.       Ensure information is not available in only English. I will work with reps and staff to translate information and encourage the use of non-English languages in settings beyond the classroom. I hope this

3.       Be the conduit between students, staff, Reps, SU and Management – and arrange for more

·         HistorY: Bring an intellectual and historical viewpoint to campaigns and communications. If elected, I would put my degree on hiatus, but I’d still continue studying alongside Undergraduates and Postgraduates. You will see me in the Library, not only the JCR and Union spaces!

·         aRchives: A pattern I noted from my undergraduate days was how university management pursued unequal policies with impunity, and refused to recognise let alone evaluate established procedures which disproportionately affected  (such as not supporting students with their accommodation) – as students were present for only so many years, and the vast majority were not involved in decision-making processes.

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