Candidate for the position of Co-President Welfare & Campaigns




Continuing the work for better catering:

The steps taken by the current co-presidents to introduce better
food options at SOAS have been great. I want to set up a regular focus group
for the next year so that recommendations can be taken on board and we can see
changes ASAP.

Better pastoral care:

It is unacceptable that waiting lists for counselling
appointments are months advice Students should not be advised to access paid
services elsewhere. We need more staff in the and wellbeing department, and
better training for all personal tutors to help students should they need


Support decolonising curriculum work:

SOAS has continually been doing great work on this
initiative and I would love to have the opportunity to support the societies
aiming to make this happen, not just at SOAS but across higher education.

Fighting surveillance and prevent agenda:

It is important to campaign against measures that unfairly
target certain demographics. There have been great initiatives in this regard
across universities and we need to continue the work to support Muslim
students, and international students who have to abide by strict attendance
rules in order to keep their visas.

Solidarity work with:

The current strike shows how important it is to have
dialogue across irganisations such as the UCU and NUS so we can mobilise strike
action and protests to be as powerful as possible.

Lecture recording

Students can often miss out on lectures fue to many reasons, such as transport or health issues. They should be able to access lectures if needed, this would also help students with various disabilities

Dinah Yaqub

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