Candidate for the position of Trans* and Gender Identity Officer

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Freya Eva Matthews


Hey,  I’m Freya! I identify as non-binary and my pronouns are they/them. I am a first year student studying World Philosophies and Tibetan. Since joining the SOAS community I have already dived into student life, involving myself in the Drag Society and the Justice for Workers campaign and stepping in to the role of chairman for the LGBTQIA+ society committee.

I am running for Trans* and Gender Identity Officer because I believe that I can provide support and change for the Trans and Non-Binary members of our community and I will fight for the idea that the T need to be given just as loud a voice as the L, G and B!


  • Pastoral Responsibility: I want to continue the vital use of the Trans* and Gender Identity Officer role as a source of support for our community with regular caucuses, office hours and the provision of safe spaces. Whether it be about transphobia, transitioning or ideas for cool events I want to be someone you can talk to! I like to think I’m approachable :) 
  • Events & Activities: I want to push for more Trans* specific events within the SOAS social calendar and I want to hear your ideas! It would be amazing to have some fun with film screenings, talks and maybe even nights out!
  • Resources: I want to continuously educate myself further so that you have any queries or feel the need to seek further support I can provide you with the relevant resources!
  • Progress towards Inclusivity: I want to work hard to make SOAS feel like an even more inclusive space, encouraging progress such as better care and advertising of the gender neutral bathrooms and further school wide education on pronouns and respecting personal identity.
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