Candidate for the position of International Officer



Ahmed Imtiaz for International Officer

I’m Ahmed  and I would  like  to  be  your  next  International  Officer.  As a first­ year international student at SOAS, I’ve noticed and personally experienced that settling in as  an international student isn’t  always  easy. I believe a lot more can be done to improve the support available for the students who live thousands of miles away from home. No one should feel isolated; just because you haven’t grown up here, it doesn’t mean you don’t belong.

Smooth Transition for International Freshers

I will create a standardized system across SOAS for holding international Freshers’ events prior to Freshers Week. This will allow international Freshers to get to know each other first, adjust to the new culture, and form an international community. I will also create a mentoring system for international students where older students can advise Freshers on setting up bank accounts, phone contracts,  and adjusting to British culture.

Greater Racial Diversity

I will campaign for increased funding and more scholarships for international students to come to SOAS, and increase the number of social events for international students to create an international network for when they arrive. I will integrate the activities of multiple cultural societies in order to form a more cohesive international environment, and increase cultural awareness and celebrate racial diversity by holding more events, both culture specific and multicultural.

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