Candidate for the position of Mature Students Officer



Amy Joce - Mature Student Officer

  • Lecture capture (recording lectures) - often Mature Students can have complex study/ life balances, for example children, carers etc.
  • Improve the current Mature Students networks - by providing more social activities and focus groups. As a mature student it can be difficult to ‘fit in’, and at times there are issues that are better understood by other mature students, a strong social network can help mediate this.
  • Mature Student Bridging Week – This is an excellent way to bring mature students together. The continuation of this and inclusion of all mature students is important.
  • Being your voice – I endeavour to be approachable and represent Mature Students needs by listening to them.

A little bit about me… This year I will be celebrating my 34th birthday, although I’m told I look much younger. My job history includes Events Manager and Charity Trustee amongst many other roles. After living in Asia for 4 years I came back to the UK, completed an Access course and now here I am studying for a BA in Development Studies. It’s the first time I have attended university and I have experienced both highs and lows. Those that know me would probably describe me as fairly outspoken and tenacious. I am confident to stand up for what I believe in and don’t shy away from a challenge.  I hope to make you a great Mature Student Officer – or your money back guaranteed.

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