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Hi, I’m Tom, I’m Co-President Welfare and Campaigns in the Students’ Union. The National Union of Students (NUS) has for too long been about cosying up to the political establishment rather than fighting for students. The NUS President has too much power to override the democratic will of students - ignoring policy on Prevent and BDS - and needs to be held to account. We need NUS to have radical policies that challenge the Government and universities to deliver a free, accessible and inclusive education, and to fight for a equality, liberation and social justice in the wider world.

Free Education
I’ll fight for NUS to demand an education that is not only free from tuition fees at all levels—undergraduate, and
postgraduate, home, EU and international— but also that is free from all other barriers financial, social or national.
NUS must step up its campaign to save the maintenance grants and to fight for full funding for all students.
Liberation - Demand a full-time trans officer
NUS needs to prioritise the liberation of marginalised groups with in education and wider society. In particular, I’ll
fight alongside trans students for NUS to create a full-time trans officer.
Preventing Prevent
I’ll fight for NUS to take an uncompromising approach to opposing Prevent and the Counter-Terrorism and
Security Act. I’ll hold the National President to account for withdrawing support for the Students Not Suspects
tour and buckling under pressure from the government.
A national housing campaign
NUS needs to prioritise housing on a national level to demand affordable, high quality housing. I’ll demand NUS
supports local unions in opposing privatised halls that put profit before students.
Work with students to submit our policies
I’ll work to make sure that the Students’ Union policy submissions to National Conference are in line with students
wishes and involve a broad group of the student body.



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