Candidate for the position of Accommodation Officer



London is bloody expensive; this is something we can all agree on. With rent prices expected to rise, again, over the next few years, accommodation for students is becoming more of an issue. All students at SOAS deserve access to good accommodation, whether that be through Halls, Sanctuary Student Housing or privately. Being a student does not make us suddenly eligible for the worst kind of housing, or poor treatment. I hope that I will be able to create a support system for students. Whether that be providing advice on rent agreements, or advising which bed spread goes best with that pillow- no issue is too small.


Homelessness is a major issue in London, and the ‘Unseen’ need our help. Whether this be organising sponsored sleep outs on the famous SOAS steps, helping to run food donation drives, or feeding the homeless. We are in a great position to help those vulnerable members of our community, who are quite literally on our doorsteps.


The issues and rent strike concerning Dinwiddy house and Paul Robeson last year made me apprehensive as a new student arriving at the Halls. However, even with the strides they have taken to improve, there is still more to do. From updating all the blocks, and continual provision of security and well-being advice, I want Sanctuary Student Housing to be a welcoming environment for all students regardless of mobility, gender, age and religion. I will endeavour to keep the relationship between Sanctuary Students and the Union strong, hoping that such an issue will not happen again. I will ensure that they learn from their mistakes, and if necessary, get more cats. 

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