Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Research Officer



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Social , Support , more Clarity 


Achievements last year:

-Doctoral school parties, dinner and drinks for researchers. 
-Addressing issues of mental health and wellbeing among research students.
-Full representation on faculties’ research committees.

-Extending conference funding for 4th year and considering paying it in advance.
-Make more scholarships available for current students and for part-time students. 

-Improving the scholarships page on SOAS website. 

-Approving the constitution of Research Students Association (RSA) 
-Creating a committee for RSA for the first time. 
-Perform Reps meeting between the PhD 16 programs (48 reps).
-Achieving issue number 7 of the RSA Journal.
-Having more interactive relation with the doctoral school management in different issues (teaching , brilliant club, school etiquette).

-Creating #soasphd on Twitter.

Plan for next year:

-Working with the school to allow more funding for PhD researchers.
-Having our regular parties in the beginning and end of terms.
-Creating an active area for sports, pray, play, relax and socialising for PhD researchers.
-Provide more emotional and mental support for researchers in their had times.
-Organising fieldwork workshop/seminar.
-Trips for researchers.
-More support for Fractionals for Fair Pay movement.
-Achieving more issues of the RSA journal and extend it to new areas.
-Performing first elections for RSA secretary and treasurer and making RSA more democratic.
-Try to find a way to put PhD on the national research ranking system..
-Include more researchers in faculties research committees and doctoral school meetings.
-Being more active on Twitter #soasphd - Facebook and getting PhD researchers at SOAS know each other more.


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