Candidate for the position of Working Class Students' Officer



Hello everyone, I am Happy to inform you that I am contesting for Working Class Students' Officer . My name is Raja Choudhary and I am glad to share that I have got the opportunity to pursue my LLM Degree from the SOAS, University of London. Yes ! I have to share my manifesto with you all but I don’t know from where I should start ! First of all I should say thank to SOAS for the unique post like working class officer. Means Life of working Class students matter ! I am genuinely assuring you that when I will get elected ,I will transform the actual meaning of quote -Unquote ‘working class’ into realities. I am personally aware about that  how important  for the children of working class  to come in most  prestigious institutions . The admissions should be more accessible and afforadable .After the getting the admission in university ,there are two fundamental things for living . One is accommodation and second one is food . I know there is students accusation officer in SOAS who will raise the issue of accommodation  but there should be an affordable CANTEEN in Soas Campus . 

  I have nothing anyone more to assure you but my life can be testimony for you I am the first generation member who could even complete his graduation. I was born and brought up in a small village in Darbhanga, Bihar. Hailing from a flood hit and the most backward geographies of the Country, Education was  a privilege for me. I graduated from the Hindu College .Despite being a Literature student I always had interest in legal studies and have been fascinated by how law transpires in the country. 

Later on I did my law degree from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi where my understanding on Law and Constitution evolved. Apart from Academics I have been involved in student politics as well. In 2017 I fought elections independently for Delhi University Students Union and got massive support. In an election that is fought on money and muscle power he fought on his manifesto with minimal amount of money. Although I lost the election but tried to fulfils the agenda that I promised to the university students. Movements for Library 24*7, affordable accommodation for girl’s and ‘Save Environment Movement’ against the illegal construction of 39 floor buildings are examples of it.  I not only worked for the student issues but delegated well with the university administration.

 In the three years of bachelors, I was the founder of linguistic cell society and Buniyad Civil service society. On the one hand linguistic cell helped students coming from non english speaking backgrounds which enabled them to interact with people of diverse identities. On the other hand, Buniyad civil service society of Hindu college was formed to provide remedial classes to students outside the classroom who face difficulties understanding the texts and lectures. Besides this I am also one of the founding members of Delhi University Debating Association .I did not limit learning to the classroom itself, my constant feeling to implement the things and engage with the larger question of the society. It gives me utmost pleasure that activism did not affect my academics and maintained a good record at academics and tried to implement the theories learnt in books. In 2020 the Government of India nominated my book “AYODHYA” for the Prestigious “Sahitya Academy Youth Award” for Hindi. I have been involved in opening many schools and libraries in Places like Grameen Jaipur and Darbhanga. 

Along with being a Lawyer I am also working as a ‘Policy and Legal Assistant’ to Ghaziabad administration and ‘Executive Editor’ of a Youtube Channel “AmbedkarNama”. In Ambedkar Nama, I am working with Dr. Ratan Lal where my role is to critically engage with the Constituent Assembly Debates and to bring the unsung heroes and their contribution towards the formation of Indian Constitution at forefront.

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