Candidate for the position of Anti-Racism Officer



Hi ,

This is Neelam Aslam .I have a Journalistic background worked in the toughest and challenging times .I reported news of terrorism ,bomb blasts ,social Injustices ,Child abuse ,Rape ,Racial Attacks , Political Happenings around the World . Honestly speaking it affected my personal life because Now I have in depth knowledge of all the events happening around us ,social injustices which needs to be spoken about loudly and should be addressed . I have developed a better understanding of issues and rights of Women ,Children ,Transgenders and all the oppressed segments of the society.I really want to contribute in this cause I am already appointed as the Anti-Racism Officer of British Red Cross Society and would love to play a positive role representing SU too .I think with similar role at two places would allow me to work more efficiently and religiously for this mission .We are in 21st Century and still we are judged by the color of our skin ,the color of our passport ,and by color of our hair .We are critized for our accents ,We are facing harassment while in a tube or a bus because of Racist attitude .This needs to be stoped and together we can make a difference .

Looking forward to work with you all and Best wishes for all other contestants.

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