Candidate for the position of Academic Affairs Officer



Hi everyone!
My name is Mahek (she/her) and I am in the second year of development studies and economics
undergraduate degree. I am contesting elections for the position of SU academic affairs officer.
Performing the role of student representative for my department last year helped me to better
understand the working of systems in place to support students and how to improve them. I will
ensure to be proactive in tackling academic issues faced by the student body including working
with the necessary teams to make our student rep feedback system more effective. I also intend on
working with the decolonising working group on campus to implement action points including
but not limited to diversifying reading lists to represent perspectives/lived experiences of people
and communities from the regions we are studying. I would also commit to being available for a
combination of online and in-person drop-in sessions throughout term time for students to chat
and ask questions.

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