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Jacynthe Roesch


Hi, my name is Jacynthe (she/her), I’m 26 and in the 3rd year of my development and economics degree. 


I’m committed to this issue: 

I have a HNC in sustainable environmental management (2015) from college and at the time I got involved in the food cooperative and divestment campaign there. In London I volunteer with CPRE London an environmental charity where I help organise events; right now I’m working on setting up things for ‘London Rivers Week’ (23-31 oct).  I don’t think I come in with a ton more skills than other candidates as we would all have to learn along the way but I just wanted to give you a sense of my own personal commitment and interest.


If elected here’s a couple of practical (and very much doable) things I’d focus on first: 

  1. Support the Food Coop to be up and running again and support and encourage students to apply to the Green Community Fund this year; £5000 has been made available by Solar SOAS for environmental projects! 

  2. To organise regular activities throughout the year like litter picking in parks and gardens in London, hold vegan pot-lucks in the JCR, have clothes-swaps and other second-hand points where people could give unwanted items a new home.


Here’s some more campaign-y stuff I’d like to get started

  1. To campaign for the SU bar to stop the use of single-use plastic cups; hundreds get thrown out in one night for the late license and it is just not acceptable! There are reusable alternatives that aren’t glass - if clubs can do it, we can too. 

  2. To assess and address food waste in the canteen - the JCR shop has a sound management of their waste but the SU has no information on the canteen yet, so I hope to consult with the staff working in the canteen to see what they do with their leftovers at the end of the day - Potential here to collect food and distribute it. 


Through these actions we can set a better score on the People and Planet University League (currently we are 31st and we haven’t improved for a couple of years). The last review shows where we could do better, so let’s give that a go! 


GET IN TOUCH! It would be great to support new connections to form by having a series of meet-ups between students to share ideas, discuss projects and potentially bloom into new environmentally- focused projects, collabs with other societies and campaigns. 

Please email me Let’s connect through this!

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