Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Research Officer




Majed is pronounced: MAA-JHiy-D (just in case you were wondering). I am MSc politics of the Middle East student at SOAS with double bachelors from the United States in economics and political science. 


Besides the fact that I get the job done and my adherence to student welfare, justice, and decolonization, I strive to ensure students' educational experiences are validated and recognized, rather than a ''one size fits all'' approach. 


My involvement with student organizations goes back to my undergraduate studies in the United States. As a president of students for justice in Palestine (SJP), I have led and supported the boycott and divestment campaigns and bills across the greater Boston area with other SJP chapters on different campuses. The campaigns had a wide range of issues, including lobbying for bills advocating for marginalized groups' rights, providing teach-ins workshops, and organizing events in the realm of global justice in the Global South. 


My professional work experience in think tanks and management consultancy molded my mature set of leadership skills and toolkit, let alone managing and liaisoning successful proposals, petitions, and projects to influence the decision-making processes.


In my role as the Postgraduate Research Officer, I will make sure that:


1- Focus on tackling structural inequalities inside the classroom and challenging existing power structures within curricula and pedagogy that continue to shape our institution and lobby the University and inform future policy. 


2- Maintain an open communication channel between the students and the academic body, providing adequate postgraduate student representation. 


3- Collaborate with the Student Union organizations to maintain and strengthen the student voice by working with other stakeholders within SOAS.


4- I will propose to establish professional and research services and advice center for all postgraduate research students.


5- Catapult SOAS Decolonising Research Initiative to research development practices by engaging students' experiences within the initiative. 



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