Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Research Officer



My name is Dideolu Olufelo and I would like to stand for the role of Post Graduate Research Officer. Currently in my 1st Year MPhil/PhD from the Department of Economics and a Co- Student Representative for Economics 1st year MPhil/PhD students. The PGR community is quite vast and I have met a lot of tutors and students in different virtual meetings and trainings over the course of joining the school in October. These meetings have enlightened me on the amount of work and contribution the PGR community needs in other to remain relevant in the top global academic rankings and inclusion /assimilation of the diverse students that embark on their research at SOAS. This issue informed my decision to run for this role.

The key objectives I would like to achieve as a Post Graduate Research Officer at SOAS is to ensure all students feel inclusive and well informed about the processes of their research studies particularly during this Pandemic period, the policies existing in the University that provides adequate support and activities that can provide the best research experience possible for them at SOAS. To also serve as the point of connection for addressing student issues relating to academic and social activities.

The list of aims I hope to achieve if elected are as follows:

  1. Ensure student voices are being heard on challenges or issues that concerns them regardless of location during the pandemic period.
  2. Ensure students are aware of all the available support provided by the school for a fruitful doctoral experience such as workspaces, PhD Managers, virtual hubs, teams, contacts, research seminars, teaching, careers, webinars, job opportunities, mentors and tutors.
  3. Ensure a working and effective communication management between the research office, departments and students in terms of enrolment, training needs, project deadline, requirements for upgrade, importance of auditing modules and adequate information for International Students.
  4. Ensure support is provided from the University and Student Union for organizing social and wellbeing events and campaigns for the post graduate research community.
  5. Work closely with external research bodies and partnerships associated with the University to provide support for the PGR community.

If you would like to discuss more about this manifesto or other research and union issues, please feel free to contact me. My aim is to fully represent students, their ideas, their needs and help find a lasting solution to their concerns.

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