Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Taught Officer



My intention in pursuing this position is to make sure that every student is represented, heard, included, and recognized. I will be honored and humbled to advocate for these ideals on behalf of the student body.

Having the chance to represent postgraduate taught students during our academic life at the University of SOAS would be a privilege as I look forward to listening to your concerns and ensure progress within the Postgraduate level.


  • Find ways to support postgraduate students in their academic development while looking to expand the resources to do so during this unusual time for studying
  • Facilitate stronger communication between supervisors and students especially MA students and propose and insist on a structure whereby supervisors read at least one rough draft of the supervisee as I am aware that the supervision structure particularly at MA level is not as rigorous as we expected.
  • Facilitate an improvement between library services at this time of Covid, so that library drop and collect services hours are extended 
  • Improve links and connections with SOAS alumni for direction, mentorship and professional networking for example strong networking with alumni on social media 
  • Create more networking events – SOAS needs networking events, as a postgraduate student, networking is crucial to secure a place in the work market once the course is finished. I will create more events where postgraduate students can meet up with each other, experts and professionals in the industry to establish new relationships,
  • Create an open communication channel between the students and the academic body, providing adequate representation for postgraduate students.
  • Co-operate with other course representatives to improve the academic experience for postgraduate students.

I will make sure your needs are my priority, by always listening to your concerns and making sure every voice is heard.

My name is Mohamed Limame Malainine - your advocate for change and studying with ease during these hard times. I am a Chevening scholar from Morocco. I possess a wealth of experience in working with Student Unions in both my undergrad and post-grad and also post-graduate organizations in Morocco, UK, USA, and Switzerland, a pursuit that I have always been passionate about. With your voices supporting me, I will use the knowledge I have gained from these experiences to understand and implement your ideas. I aim to be a Postgraduate Taught Officer who will have a positive influence on the SU by unifying student voices and representing them to the university management. if I get elected I will work hard to make your time as a student as fulfilling and comfortable as possible, In these exceptional circumstances of COVID-19 and online learning, I intend to present your concerns to the administration in a manner that achieves sustainable solutions. I have condensed these ideas into four succinct areas:


Support equality to fight against discrimination.


To make myself more accountable to students by allowing opportunities to question and contribute to matters that affect YOU


To be a strong representative who represents student interests at high-level meetings in and outside the University.

To maintain and strengthen the student voice by working with other student officers 


To improve a good form of representation with the heart of the student at hand especially with the COVID19 situation, I believe the unusual situation needs innovative solutions and innovative support to the students.

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