Candidate for the position of Entertainments Officer



Edoardo Montin, Master student in International Studies and Diplomacy


We are all waiting for it: move on and get back to normal! I don’t even know if “normal” is a universal concept, and I am pretty sure that each of us has its personal definition of “normal”. Digital is the new normal, and entertainment will move online. Hoping this will be only a transitional experience, I will put all my energy into giving to all SOAS student the opportunity to live the university beyond books, with a bit of Italian style. 



Mine won’t be a single-track journey, on the contrary I want to connect through events all the students and societies. I have never seen such a wide and diverse academic environment, and this has led my imagination run wild. Digital Happy Hour, Remote Training, Painting Night are just few of the activities I would like to organize. Since SOAS has gone completely online, it’s quite tough to put in place in-presence events, however I can’t help but see an opportunity to join social activities comfortably sitting on our own sofas, drinking hot tea or maybe an iced beer!



Green is the second bullet point of my agenda. Events and parties must be sustainable too, so I strongly recommend to use recyclable or reusable glasses to keep up with the upcoming digital nightlife! We must care about our planet, so go green even during leisure time. I will provide you further instructions about this point, but I am confident you already know a lot about eco-sustainability!



This year many of us have experienced lockdown. Our freedom of movement has been sacrificed to tackle the Covid-19 health emergency. Liberation Party is a key event I would like to plan by the end of the academic year. It is a long-term perspective, a hope that things will heal. You will have the chance to free your instincts and emotions, a purifying night!

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