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Saddam Hakim

My Name is Saddam Hakim and I am standing for Mature Students’ Officer.
About Me
I am currently MSc Public Policy, Finance and Management student and did my Bachelors in Politics and
International relations and have been a part of student bodies since my school days. I was head boy of the
school followed by president of the union in college.  
In addition to that I worked with Refugees students having difficulties with learning and English.
My role included providing support, advocacy and advice for students at the college, working with the
language therapist and fellow students to ensure that refugees engage with their studies.
Prior to re-entering study, I worked with Lingo Junction as interpreter and translator with ministry of justice,
Home office and law firms to assist refugees having difficulty in understanding English. Along with that I had
the honour of working with RT honourable Rory Stewart Former Secretary of state for international
development and Candidate for Mayoral Elections 2020 as Field leader and community coordinator.
As a mature student I can fully understand and appreciate the diverse and complex needs of mature Students
body and concerns such as balancing studies and social life and part time work, childcare and other career
demands. If elected I would represent mature students in the best possible way by seeking your opinion and
issues that affects your student life.
My Pledges
If elected, I will make sure that I will endeavour to ensure that promises below are deliverd during my time
in the office:
Diversification and Inclusion
I will strive for greater participation and inclusion of mature students in all parts of academic and social
student life, by focusing on activities that are inclusive of mature students and their interests.
Additionally, I would form a mature students society where students can arrange social events and discuss
various issues and find the ways through dialogue. The society will play an essential role to reach our voices to
concerned departments.
Clearer and More Open Communication
Additionally, I will also hold regular open meetings to find out what issues that you have, in order to provide
greater representation of your concerns. In addition, I will champion your ideas for developing the Part Time
and Mature Student 
I will make sure that all academic departments and support functions such as career advising and Student
union to deliver clear communication in terms of career advising and issues that are concerned with mature
I promise to hold open meeting where mature students can come together and raise the issues with society
and provide greater representation. I promise to raise your concerns with relevant departments.
Prosperity and Success For All Students
I promise to raise your voice for the welfare and wellbeing of all students to unleash the academic potential
and success focusing on the support of mature students.
I will make sure to make a good use of my experience in ministry of Justice, Department of International
Development and NGOs to connect with Mature students and make use of it in terms of matching with
mentors in various organisation.

These are just some of the issues that needs to be addressed, however that I understand that things change
with time and I promise to adapt myself according to situation and seek your advice and go forward.
Please feel free to email me on 

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