Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Taught Officer



It is essential for masters’ students to benefit from their university experience beyond merely receiving a qualification at the end of their programme. I aim to utilise my knowledge and experience of working in Higher Education to liaise on behalf of the students with various bodies at SOAS to ensure the provision of relevant support and opportunities. This includes SOAS management, academic departments and the professional services such as the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) and the Student and Academic Experience Directorate amongst others. 

In my role as the Postgraduate Taught Officer, I will make sure:

  1. There are increased career opportunities available for PGT students through close collaboration with the Career Service. This includes (virtual) internships and paid work opportunities that makes a good contribution to the development of students’ professional profile and organisation of high calibre career events for students to network with professionals from their desired career backgrounds.
  2. Student interests and concerns are well represented and addressed by the University. This includes addressing students' academic, safety and wellbeing issues during the unprecedented COVID-19 circumstances. I.e. ensuring SOAS continuously adapts to the fast-changing environment to avoid any detrimental effects on students' academic engagement and assessments.
  3. Students with disabilities and those from underrepresented and lower socio-economic backgrounds are not disadvantaged in any way compared to others and they receive the necessary academic, financial, housing and pastoral support from the relevant bodies at SOAS. 
  4. To collaborate with the Student Union in developing a Society, which serves as a centre for information and advice for PGT students wishing to pursue research degrees through the attainment of scholarship. 
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