Candidate for the position of Entertainments Officer

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Five years ago, I walked out of a med school out of boredom and my life has been a Bollywood film ever since. My name is Rima Koley. I hail from the land of Tagore and therefore, believe that it is important to integrate cultures and values into work in order to gain a diverse and open perspective. This sets us on a path to becoming true global citizens.

Exposure to cultural diversity opens one up to newer ideas that enable personal growth of individuals and foster a more inclusive mindset. As a candidate for the position of Entertainments Officer, I shall:

  • endeavor to deliver various activities as experiences rather than just events that are meant to provide entertainment.
  • build a bridge between various  societies so as to integrate their objectives and increase the overall impact they have on the student body at large.
  • strive to conduct events in a manner that ensure equal and adequate participation and engagement while also being culturally sensitive to issues such as cultural misappropriation and misrepresentation.
  • device ways to encourage participation and increase awareness of all events.

I have spent a majority of my life engaging with art in most of its forms. Today, I am a qualified media  personnel and a journalist. For my Masters, I have taken up a major in South Asian Area Studies to  better understand culture and its impact on human lives. I welcome every student reading this to pitch in ideas and educate me with perspectives that are out of the box. We can then examine and discuss the dynamics of unique concepts and see how they may be implemented.

For when it comes to art, it’s important not to hide the madness.


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