Preferenda Portfolio Part-Time Officer Roles 2022/23

Which eight proposals should be adopted as the Preferenda Portfolio Part-Time Officer Roles for the 2022/23 Academic Year? Each year student members of SOAS SU have an opportunity to decide the remit of eight Preferenda Portfolio Part-Time Officer roles. These roles become part of the Executive and will work to represent students and campaign on their behalf. Students are able to vote in order of preference. As there are eight roles available, we recommend that students vote for at least eight roles to ensure that they are making the most of their vote. The count for this Preferenda will be conducted using STV and there shall be eight ‘seats’ available.

The polls have closed.

Preferenda Portfolio Part-Time Officer

  • Sustainability Officer Manifesto

  • Anti-Racism Action Officer

  • Mental Health Awareness Officer

  • Sports Officer

  • Arts and Culture Officer

  • Cost of Living Campaign Officer

  • International Students Officer

  • Mature Students Officer

  • Alumni Officer

  • Distance Learning Officer

  • Sass (Soas Against Securitisation And Surveillance

  • Afrikan Studies Officer Manifesto

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