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Academic Support

Academic Support in the Students' Union

The Students' Union is here to ensure all students are able to access academic support. There are many contacts across the Students' Union who aid in this, including:

Susanna Momtazuddin, Advice and Welfare Caseworker 

(phone) 020 7898 4983;



Your Co-Presidents 

Hau-Yu, Democracy and Education (email)

Welfare and Campaigns 

Youssra Elmagboul, Equality and Liberation (email)

Sophie Bennett, Activities and Events (email)


Your Student Rep

Find them by selecting your faculty or department on the 'Reps Mini Site'.


Your Academic Affairs Officer 

This year the Academic Affairs Officer is Hugh Bendor-Samuel (email)


Useful Links for Academic Support

SOAS Academic Policies and Regulations

All policies regarding academic support, mitigating circumstances, and degree regulations. 

Academic Advisor (formerly known as Personal Tutors or Personal Advisors)

The role of an academic advisor, what support you can expect and tips on finding out who your personal adviser is.

Mitigating Circumstances

Find out how to apply for mitigating circumstances for when you have experienced anything that has had an adverse impact on your ability to study.

Essay-Writing for Undergraduates

Some useful tips on essay-writing, including breaking down the question,  writing a thesis statement, reading, note-taking, making an essay plan, drafting, editing and seeking help.




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