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Trans and Gender Identity Students' Officer

Jess Kumwongpin-Barnes

Hello beautiful people! I’m Jess (they/them), your newly elected Trans and Gender Identity Officer.

This year I aim to build up a base for this role, given that it’s been unfulfilled in the past this year is important in showing what use this role can offer. I’ll be, of course, working closely with the lovely LGBTQIA+ Officer and with the SU to ensure Trans and Gender Non-Conforming students have some representation! Not only policy stuff in the SU, I aim to hold meetings, caucuses, and to support events via the LGBTQIA+ Society in the greater SOAS community. I’m aiming to encourage and enable Trans/Non-Conforming students to get to know one another at SOAS and that your experience here is one that you feel safe and comfortable. 

I’m very tired of cis-nonsense and marginalising Trans/Non-Conforming students to be honest and I’m especially here for BME, of faith, questioning, working-class etc. students. I know it’s weird to see a block of text and a picture but honestly, just contact me if you want and/or need to! 


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