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Disabled Students & Carers' Officer

Katouche Goll



Hi everyone!

My name is Katouche and I am the Disabled Students and Carers’ Officer this year. I am a final year History BA student. I love the open environment at SOAS and have enjoyed my first two years thoroughly, but I have had challenges just like any other student would. The marked difference is that these challenges were exacerbated by my disability. I would like for my experience to help me in the role so that we can get to the bottom of the many challenges that face Disabled Students and Carers at SOAS. I hope to start a dialogue about the social and academic stigma faced by Disabled students. Alongside this, I would love to confront and overcome some of the logistical challenges that are commonly overlooked that affect disabled students. Furthermore, I would like to create more safe spaces for Disabled Students and Carers to facilitate more of a dialogue help protect their wellbeing.

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