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Disabled Students & Carers' Officer

Beulah Samuel-Ogbu & India Ayling


[Image description: A close-up photo of Beulah and India smiling at the camera. Beulah is a 21 year old African woman with long black braids. She is wearing red lipstick. India is a 21 year old white person with short brown hair. They are wearing dangly earrings and a white frilly top.]


Hi pals! We’re Beulah and India and we have been elected your disabled students and carers’ officers for 2018/19. Our main aims centre around creating a school-wide network of empowerment for all students who identify with having disabilities, neurodivergence, long-term health conditions, mental illness and ill-health, and/or caring responsibilities. We want to talk about ableism and inaccessibility, invisible disabilities and inclusivity with the wider SOAS community. We want to support students with these extra barriers to flourish with the support of their peers. If you see us around please do come up and say hi! 

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