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UGM policy #2

Motion title: Change the S.U. Women's Officer role title to S.U. Womxn's Officer
Proposer: Youssra Elmgaboul
Seconder: Hau-Yu Tam
Date passed: 10/10/18
Lapse date:  

Progress (updated 20/11/18):

Done so far:

  • Womxn's Officer title has been changed on the S.U. website

Still to do:

  • Change Womxn's officer email address alias
  • Update constitution  
  • Update election documents

Motion details:

This Union Notes:

  • That the terms 'woman' or 'women' do not include non-binary people

This Union Believes:

  • 1. 1 That we should have an inclusive campus and S.U. that makes sure to include gender fluid and non-binary people
    1.2. The 'x' in womxn allows space for individuals who identify as gender fluid, gender queer, gender non-conforming or non-binary

This Union Resolves:

  • 1.1 To change the title of the S.U. Women's Officer to be the S.U. Womxn's Officer
    1.2 To use the term 'womxn' on campus where appropriate and in S.U. communications
Link to 10/10/18 minutes


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