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Emergency UGM 19th Feb






19th February 2019



Chair: Rachel O'Brien - N.U.S. Disabled Students' Officer


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EMERGENCY UGM – 19th February 2019



The referendum on the change of the structure of the Trustees for the Students’ Union is undemocratic and needs to be cancelled


Imran Jamal 271155


Valeria Racu 640629

This Union Notes:

1.1 The referendum announced on 6th February 2019 is undemocratic 

1.2 There has not been a debate or discussion on what the proposed changes will mean to the future of the Union

1.3 There has been misinformation in the way the referendum has been promoted

1.4 There is a flaw in the question as it is a two part question that requires a two part response and simple yes/no is inadequate

1.5 The information provided is mistaken as it suggest the new structure would entail 73% student representation. However, co-presidents should not be counted as students, and therefore the new structure would have only 47% student representation on the most powerful body of the Students Union.

This Union Believes:

2.1 There is no clarity as to why and how the proposed changes have been proposed

2.2 There has been a democratic deficit on how the process and information about the referendum has been conducted and shared

2.3 There has been no opportunity for those who disagree with the proposed changes to organise a counter campaign

2.4 There has been no consultation on the question/s and the structure of the referendum

2.5 There is a need to change the current structure of the SU Board of Trustees, but the consultation process needs to be done in a more democratic and transparent way

This Union Resolves:

3.1 To cancel the referendum and annul all results immediately

3.2 To undertake an accountability process as to why the consultation has been done in the way that it was

3.3 To create spaces for conversations on a possible new structure in a way that is democratic and transparent

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