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Co-president Welfare & Campaigns

Valeria Racu


Hi there! I’m Valeria, your Co-President Welfare & Campaigns, and I’m looking forward to working with you to create the university we aspire to be. In a world like today’s, overwhelmingly on crisis at many different levels, it is essential to keep it radical by both raising our voices against injustices as well as by taking the time and space to stop, breathe and heal properly.

Therefore, I am here to facilitate student- led campaigns as well as support you through your university journey, especially when you might need it more. I believe the diverse paths that got us here are key to creating a strong support community at SOAS and beyond. Therefore, I invite you to take the radical ideas you will discuss in your lectures as well as our lived experiences of the powerfully discriminatory structures we move in, and put them into action here and beyond. There are many ways of being a student activist and I encourage you all to explore your own. Find your voice, share your thoughts and create a community to care for, fight with and show solidarity to. But also go beyond that: check yourself, question your own ideas and unpack your life experiences, learn from yourself as much as from the ones around you, both inside and outside the classroom. Remember student voices across the globe have been essential in many social movements, and we can definitely continue that tradition.

However, there’s no struggle without collective self care - it is also radical to take it easy and find the time to care for ourselves and each other. Count on me, the other Sabbs as well as the Students’ Union in general to support you with whatever you are going through. Be it depression, academic anxiety, the loss of a loved one or fear at the political situation here or elsewhere, you are not alone. We are here for you, rest assured and confident that you will have our backing.

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