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Academic Affairs Officer

Malena Antich & Ciro Puig

¡Hola, amigas! We’re Malena (she/her) and Ciro (he/him). For us, the Academic Affairs Office is a platform for you to voice your concerns and proposals with regards to academic life in our community, such as the work of student reps, the constitution of your syllabi and protection of our precious library. It is a space for you to gather and organise to resist the neoliberal politics of our management.

These is what we stand for:

1. Fight the casualisation of academic staff: build solidarity with SaveSOASLibrary, J4W and FFP.

2. Ensure availability: weekly office hour and close organisation with student reps.

3. Improve our learning atmosphere: more note-sharing clouds and reading groups on dissident thinking.

4. Decolonise the curriculum: full support to Preventing pevent; push for the queering of academic narratives.

We are approachable, relatable. We are not Hillary. We also have better politics. COME chat over tea/coffee/beer! xx

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