Academic Affairs Officer

Lucia Pedroso

Hola! I’m Lucia (she/her) and I’ll be your Academic Affairs Officer this year. Basically my role is to deal with most of the issues students might face in their academic life. This includes all things related to our beloved library, the IT team, syllabi and of course our student reps, whom I can’t wait to be working with! Please consider the Academic Affairs Office a safe place to voice your concerns and organise so we can come up with new proposals and solutions to our academic problems. I vow to be as approachable as possible and to maintain several channels of communication so accessibility is ensured. Finally, as we navigate this new normal let us remember that the world should be built on a society that positions people over profit, the planet over markets and the wellbeing of our students over the management’s convenience. So let’s all gather and build a better SOAS together!

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