Campaigning is a big part of life at SOAS Students' Union - we've been doing it for years!


Our members are passionate, and there are a number of active student-led campaigns at SOAS Students' Union addressing a variety of topics and injustices. The following table looks at the campaigns currently running at SOAS - including brief descriptions of aims, and social media for you to keep in contact and join in with their work. 

Note: Some campaigns are supported by SOAS SU and others run independently from the Union. Being "SU Supported" means that students voted, via UGM or Referendum, for the SU to put our weight behind the campaign, offering any help needed; or that the SU has taken an active stance in solidarity with the campaign. Any campaign can ask for SU support, however some prefer to run independently which is also fine. We've noted in the below table whether a campaign is SU Supported or Independent. In both cases, the work of the campaign is student-led, and the SU is just in a supportive capacity - we don't want to take away from the incredible work of our student activists!


Logo Campaign Name Aims and Description SU Supported or Independent? Contact Details

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Account For This

ACCOUNT FOR THIS was formed as a response and outcome of an ongoing struggle by a group of students at SOAS to address the institution’s inefficient and indifferent responses to complaints of gender-based violence.


It was formed as a working group both of victims/survivors - some of whom have tried to access redressal within the university but have found them immensely lacking - and other concerned students who believe that dealing with gender-based violence should be a priority at SOAS.


We demand SOAS overhaul the current policies dealing with gender-based violence.


Replace them with a single, comprehensive, accessible, feminist and survivor-centric policy to respond to complaints of GBV faced by any member of the SOAS community, SOAS affiliates, which is applicable on SOAS campus and related spaces in order to provide prompt redressal for GBV victim/survivors and action and accountability against perpetrators.



Twitter: @AcctForThisSOAS

Facebook: @AccountForThisSOAS

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BDS x SOAS We are a student group at SOAS that calls for freedom, justice & equality for the Palestinian people, by ending SOAS’ complicity with Israeli colonialism. We aim to educate students at SOAS about the severity of this complicity and to hold SOAS accountable for the ties they maintain with companies which support Israel, as well as Israeli institutions they have partnerships with. We are determined to do this by putting pressure on SOAS to commit to an academic boycott of Israel and to divest from the companies they currently invest in which support Israel. The types of events we would like to organise will centre political education, campaigning workshops and events around creative activism. We will not rest until SOAS is no longer aiding and funding the Israeli occupation. For more information about the BDS movement please checkout the official BDS website. SU Suported (Referndum)


Instagram: @bdsxsoas

Facebook: BDSxSOAS

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Fractionals For Fair Pay

We are fractional teaching staff of SOAS. What we stand for: We stand for education without exploitation. FAIR PLAY FOR ALL! Since 2014 we have been campaigning as teachers and students for decent pay and working conditions for casualised teaching staff at SOAS. 

SU Suported (Solidarity)


Twitter: @FFFPsoas

Facebook: @SOASFractionalsForFairPlay

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Justice For Workers

SOAS Justice For Workers - End Outsourcing campaign: STOP bullying and inequality in the workplace. We fight for justice, dignity and respect for all outsourced workers at SOAS, University of London. We are a worker & student alliance, join us!


Since the launch of our campaign in 2006 we have won the London living wage, sick pay, holiday pay and pensions. Since 2014 we have been campaigning for the cleaners to be brought in-house and in 2018 we won this demand! However, the struggle continues, the campaign is still fighting for cleaners and other workers at SOAS to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

SU Supported (Solidarity)


Twitter: @SOASJ4C

Facebook: SOAS Justice for Workers - End Outsourcing



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My Reading List is Black   SU Supported (UGM)  

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Preventing Prevent Preventing Prevent is a campaign led by students and academics aiming to challenge and raise awareness about the Home Office’s discriminatory and damaging counter-terrorism policy, the Prevent Duty (2015). SU Supported (Solidarity)


Twitter: @abolish_prevent

Instagram: @preventingpreventsoas

Facebook: @preventingpreventsoas

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SOAS Detainee Support

SOAS Detainee Support is a grassroots abolitionist group based at SOAS University of London. SDS attempts to break the isolation of immigration detention through visits and supports people to take control of their cases and resist their imprisonment and deportation.

We work in solidarity rather than charity, and try to meet people in detention on their own terms and without preconceived notions about their situation or desires.

We offer emotional support and practical support for detainees that could include help with finding a solicitor or medical expert, bringing toiletries and other essential items, and campaigning alongside people in detention.



Facebook: SOAS Detainee Support



Please note: This list is currently in the process of being updated, so not all campaigns are currently present. 


For more information on campaigning at SOAS Students' Union and how to get involved, please feel free to contact our Welfare & Campaigns Co-President, Yasmin (

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